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Bund Emptying, Cleaning and Relining

Bund maintenance is an important part of ensuring that your oil tank installation remains compliant. Bunds should remain impervious to oil and be able to hold 110% of the primary tanks capacity.

At Calves Hill we carry out all types of bund maintenance, whether the bund needs emptying of rain water, clearing of leaves and other debris or has become porous and frost damaged.

If the bund doesn’t hold 110% of the primary tanks capacity we can usually increase its size before rendering or lining it so that it is impervious to oil.

Remember! If the bund is half full of rain water and the tank leaks, whilst it is ¾ full the oil will spill out over the top of the bund as oil floats on water, this could cause a costly environmental incident.

Relining the bund with a resin system can be a cost effective method of ensuring the bund remains oil proof, without the cost of replacing the bund and tank with an enclosed bunded tank. Contact us with your bund dimensions for a free budget quotation.

We also provide a bund cleaning service, where we will uplift the bund water for disposal and then pressure wash and remove debris from the bund.

Again please contact us for more details


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