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Why are you OFTEC registered?
We are OFTEC registered as this is our trade body, this ensures all work is carried out to the relevant standards and that we are kept up to date with any changes in legislation.

Do all oil tanks need to be bunded?
No, not all domestic oil tanks need to be bunded. When our technician quotes for replacing/installing your tank he will carry out an OFTEC TI/133D risk assessment to determine if you are legally required to have a bunded tank fitted.

How do you dispose of my old tank?
We are licensed by the Environment Agency as waste carriers, which means we can legally transport the tank to a licensed waste disposal site – we use a number of licensed sites and we use duty of care paperwork to ensure compliance with the waste regulations.

Do I need to run the fuel in my existing tank down, before you can change it?
No, in fact we would prefer you to have at least 500 litres of fuel in your old tank as this ensures we can bleed through the pipework to the boiler and it allows us to check the connections. If you run the tank right down, sludge might also be drawn into the pipework and pump on the boiler, resulting in costly repair bills.

If my old tank starts to leak before it is changed what should I do?
Call us immediately on 01285 720200 (24 hours) and we will arrange to pump it out. We will also give you advice on how to stem the flow to minimise pollution.

If I need a new base is a concrete base essential?
We choose to install concrete bases as we think that the base should last at least the life of the tank. Tanks can be installed on paving slabs but should the slabs move they might damage the underside of the tank and invalidate the tank’s warranty. Also paving slab bases are more susceptible to damage from tree roots.

Will I be without heating or hot water when my tank is replaced?
No, as a goodwill gesture we would install a temporary tank whilst the new base is curing. We do not charge for this service.

Do you only replace and install oil storage tanks?
No we are entirely customer led. We also replace pipe work, filters, carry out annual tank inspections, pressure test underground fuel lines, transfer fuel and bleed through pipework after a fuel run out. We have also installed fencing and shed bases!

If I want to install my own base to keep down the cost, would you still install the tank?
Yes, we can do as little or as much of the installation as you would like us to. All we would ask is that you ask us for all the installation details so that you install the base or pipe work to the current standards.

What happens if the tank is not installed to the current regulations?
This can result in you insurance policy being invalidated if there is a fire or oil pollution incident. Also we have heard of house sales that have fallen through or completion being delayed because building notices have not been issued for notifiable works.

If we have not answered you questions above please contact us and we will do our very best to answer your query.


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